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How to Repair Sky Cable Remote Control?

Remote control provides easy accessibility in controlling your television (TV), LCD TV, LED TV, Plasma TV, and other devices or machines. That's why, if you are a Sky Cable subscriber and your remote control have been damaged, malfunctioned and worst if it's lost, isn't it annoying to watch your TV without a remote? You cannot easily change channels or switch to your favorite channels easily.

Repair Sky Cable Remote Control

That's why your searching for instructions or procedure on how to fix or repair your Sky Cable remote control. Before doing this little dirty job of repairing your remote control, you should know that as a Sky Cable subscriber, you are covered by Sky Cable's service warranty stated their Terms and Conditions:

"SKYCABLE shall replace any Equipment found defective, malfunctioning or damaged as a result of manufacturer flaws. SKYCABLE reserves the option to call on the Equipment manufacturer's warranty; however, the Equipment shall not be replaced if such defect, malfunction or damage is found to be due to improper use, abuse, faulty handling, accident, neglect, lightning, electrical current fluctuations, tampering, repair by unauthorized technician, improper parts replacement, force majeure, fortuitous event, and other circumstances beyond the control of SKYCABLE, or such acts as may be attributable to the fault or negligence of Subscriber. In such cases, replacement Equipment shall be provided upon payment of the applicable costs and charges..."

Like any remote control, Sky Cable remote control can easily be repaired by following these basic troubleshooting methods:

1.  The first and common thing to do when trying to determine the main problem of the remote control is to check the LED bulb if it's broken. If the LED is broken slightly, try to test it if it still works. Make sure to check the batteries if they are placed appropriately. Use new batteries if possible. If the remote control is not working, report the damaged remote control to the Sky Cable office.

2.  If it got wet, dry it first before use. If possible, open the remote control and check the circuit board inside how wet is it then dry it. Take note: Do not expose it to sunlight. And do not even think to place it inside an oven. You may dry it inside your house in a secure and well-ventilated area. If it's dry, you may test it. Make sure you're using new batteries and placing the batteries appropriately. If it's not working, report the damaged remote control to the Sky Cable office.

3. If you're not an electrician or technician, do not try to open change or remove the IC (Integrated Circuit), capacitors, inside the remote control. In other words, if you don't know what you're doing, don't do it, you'll just aggravating the damage.

4. If some buttons don't work, you can open the remote control (remove the batteries first) and clean the button contacts of the circuit board with a pencil eraser. Clean also the rubber pads of the buttons with cotton buds and alcohol.

If all minor check-ups and troubleshoots failed, you should report the damaged remote control to the Sky Cable office. Take note of the Terms and Conditions. If the malfunction or damage found to be due to your improper use, accident by your own self, SkyCable will no longer handle the responsibility of repairing or replacing your remote control. So if the damage is brought by misuse or accident, it's your responsibility to pay the costs of replacement. 

What are these costs?

To date, if you want a replacement of your damaged remote control, you should pay Php 356 as service charge and Php 500 replacement fee (as of April 2015). Standard service time is within 2 to 3 days (or 48 to 72 hours).

Are you having a problem with your Sky Cable Remote Control?
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