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0977 what network? Globe or Smart?

Do you want to know which network 0977 belongs to?

Does it belong to Globe or Smart?


0977 belongs to Globe network. 
My phone number uses this prefix. It's a postpaid phone number.

Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) are under the same network.

0977 what network? Globe or Smart?

List of Other Phone Number Prefixes Which Belong to Globe or Touch Mobile

Mobile Network Prefix
Globe (VOIP)
Globe or Touch Mobile 0905
Globe or Touch Mobile 0906
Globe 0915
Globe or Touch Mobile 0916
Globe 0917
Globe Postpaid 09173
Globe Postpaid 09175
Globe Postpaid 09176
Globe Postpaid 09178
Globe Postpaid 09253
Globe Postpaid 09256
Globe Postpaid 09257
Globe or Touch Mobile 0926
Globe or Touch Mobile 0927
Touch Mobile 0935
Globe or Touch Mobile 0936
Globe 0945
Globe or Touch Mobile 0955
Globe or Touch Mobile 0956
Globe or Touch Mobile 0965
Globe or Touch Mobile 0966
Touch Mobile 0975
Globe or Touch Mobile 0976
Globe 0977
Globe 0994
Globe 0995
Globe or Touch Mobile 0997

Examples of phone numbers that begin with 0977

  • 09771684312
  • 09770984513
  • 09776614314
  • 09777787315
  • 09770694612
  • 09770805342
  • 09771684523
  • 09772694462
  • 09773785812
  • 09773604312

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