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New breakthrough in 3D direct to garment printer display using the printer directly

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Recently, a group of researchers from Disney a new breakthrough in 3D <a title="direct to garment printer" href="http://directtogarmentprinter.webs.com/">direct to garment printer</a> printing, plexiglass they can use to achieve the same effect of high transparent plastics, a low cost prints out the LCD screen with a variety of sensors.

Chess is one of the results of their figure on using optical catheter, Checker can detect current location and displays it. Compared with the colorful display we see in everyday life, the monochrome screen does look trivial. But at the same time we should note that the low cost 3D printing technologies, manufacturing process is simple. This is only the first step, if split into smaller entities, one day we will be able to print out complex products, and even print out a Disney World is not without possible.

Drop screen, Disney also uses 3D printing technology to produce a variety of sensors. The sensor uses infrared light to detect touch, vibration stimulation, and output the result. <a href="http://directtogarmentprinter.webs.com/">http://directtogarmentprinter.webs.com/</a>

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