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Complete Saudi Apostille Attestation Services UAE

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Understanding Saudi Apostille and certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Saudi Apostille attestation services in abu dhabi are crucial for individuals and businesses needing to authenticate documents for use in Saudi Arabia while residing in the UAE. This process certifies the authenticity of documents such as educational certificates, marriage licenses, birth certificates, and commercial documents, ensuring their acceptance by Saudi authorities.

Importance of Saudi Apostille Attestation services in abu dhabi:

Apostille attestation is essential for various reasons. It confirms the genuineness of your documents, making them legally valid in Saudi Arabia. This verification is necessary for legal processes, employment, education, and business activities. Without proper attestation, documents may be considered invalid, causing delays and complications.

Prime global attestation is here to help. We are UAE no.1 Attestation Company provides attestation services in abu dhabi, attestation services in dubai and certificate attestation services in uae.

Attestation services for documents, including educational certificates (degree, diploma, school certificates), non-educational documents (marriage, death, birth certificates), commercial documents, as well as family visa and typing services, are available at affordable prices.

Step-by-Step Saudi Apostille Attestation Process

Notarization: The documents are first notarized by a public notary in the UAE, certifying that they are true copies of the originals.

MOFA Attestation: The notarized documents are then attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), adding an additional layer of verification.

Saudi Embassy Attestation: Finally, the documents are attested by the Saudi Embassy or Consulate in the UAE, confirming their recognition by Saudi authorities.

Benefits of Professional Attestation Services in abu dhabi:

Professional attestation services offer expertise, convenience, and efficiency. They handle all aspects of the process, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. These services expedite the attestation process, ensuring your documents are handled securely and returned safely.


Saudi Apostille attestation services in the UAE are vital for validating documents for use in Saudi Arabia. By using professional services, you can ensure your documents are recognized and accepted, facilitating smooth legal, educational, and business transactions.

Prime Global Attestation provides you with best certificate attestation services in abu dhabi, attestation services in uae, attestation services in dubai and attestation services in sharjah provide all types of certificates and documents for individuals, groups, and companies in Germany, France, the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, and 140+ countries with a team of highly skilled people.

We provide attestation services for degree, diploma, marriage, birth, MOFA, TC, and commercial certificates at affordable prices.

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