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Some Tips to Maintain the Portable Rock Crusher

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The portable rock crusher is suitable for applying to the industry such as roads, railways, buildings and hydropower projects, and truly creates more new business opportunities and lowers production costs for customers. In addition, master the maintenance of a mobile crushing plant can keep the crusher machine working longer.
1. Regularly check the wear of the internal parts of the portable rock crusher machine such as the wear level of the center feed pipe, cone cap, impeller, lower runner liner, circumferential shield, and jaw. If the wear is serious, repair or replace it in time.
2. Always pay attention to the lubrication situation of the friction surface, and the grease should be used according to the location and temperature conditions. Generally, calcium-based, sodium-based and calcium-sodium-based greases are used often. The grease added to the bearing housing should be about 50% of its space volume, and it should be replaced every 3~6 months. In this way, the normal operation of the stone crushing machine can extend the service life.
3. Always keep the equipment clean so that there is no dust, no oil, no oil leakage, and more attention should be paid to dust and other debris, avoiding entering the lubrication system and lubrication parts because these impurities not only damage the lubricating oil film but also cause the equipment to lose lubrication and increase wear and tear, shorten the service life of the equipment.


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