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3D Nose Lifter

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Flat nose? 
Wide nose? 
Big Nose? 
Droopy Nose?

The solution : Nose Job-like effect in 30 seconds! Instant nose job and nose lift without risky and costly surgeries! Get ready for a smaller, more defined, thinner and pointier nose.

3D Nose Lifter Set 
3D Nose Lifter is a tool inserted into the nose to lift the tip up and to give shape and definition to the nose
It is the best non surgical nose job tool in the market today and perhaps the only nose job alternative that works instantly and gives dramatic results similar to an actual nose lift! 
It can correct majority of nasal shape imperfections instantly. 
It can make big, bulbous and flaring noses smaller and more defined, flat and wide noses thinner and pointier
Hooked and droopy noses lifted and it can minimized the appearance of dorsal and side humps
It can also change the nasal tip angle, instantly correcting hanging columella and upturned nasal tip
3D Nose Lifter is made up of Bacteriostatic PVC-BTHC (Polyvinyl Chloride Butyryl Trihexyl Citrate), A medical grade, bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic plastic fiber widely used in sterile medical environments to ensure a 100% safe, hygienic and comfortable experience.
1 box contains
-3 sets of nose lifter in different sizes (reusable and washable)
-1 removing tool

We do meetups within Cebu City only and we ship thru JRS and LBC. Please follow us on instagram 

For interested buyers please do text us for faster transactions

Happy shopping! ♥


1st picture of 3D Nose Lifter For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

2nd picture of 3D Nose Lifter For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

3rd picture of 3D Nose Lifter For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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Niña   (18 February 2019 4:54 AM) [Entry]

i need this . here from labangon
Niña   (18 February 2019 4:53 AM) [Entry]

i"m from labangon
jaymart   (19 February 2018 9:45 AM) [Entry]

its free order ?
jaymart   (19 February 2018 9:44 AM) [Entry]

can i buy nose lifter ??? and how much i live in pardo f jaca st cebu city