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Sinusitis (Chronic) and polyps relief. New Remedy. Scientifically proven.

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"Item's will be Shipped from the USA, Europe and Asia. 
3 months for return when not satisfied. (PayPal warrantee)


Product legend;


This is the only “Sinus Air activating” system that uses gentle resonance (Humming) >95  to105< hertz to eliminate sinus congestion (chronic and polyps) without medication. Scientifically verified. 


During a typical 22 to 44 minutes treatment just before sleep, the comfortable and relaxing “Hummm-it” face mask, makes the “Natural Sinus Air” (nSA) (containing Natural Nitric Oxide),  circulate in healthy ventilation between Sinuses-Ostium and Nasal cavities.


Natural Sinus Air contains the Nitric Oxide molecule which removes Bacteria, Fungi, and viruses, the only cause of Sinusitis, Chronic Sinusitis, and Polyps when air circulation is poor.

This scientifically-based technique will remove infections and polyps in days/weeks, depending on severity. After the disorder is solved, two-weekly use maintenance keeps it stay away due to optimal ventilation with Nitric Oxide in the Nasal Cavities. This function and effect which can be compared with Natural “Humming” is substantiated by different medical controlled studies and a growing number of very satisfied Hummm-it users.


The main reason why other products don't remove permanently, or only work temporarily is that the infected sinuses are blocked by theostium(s) that are in an opposite location and cannot be cleaned out  due to gravity. The Hummm-it do resolve this problem.


The program-controlled base and face mask are electricDynamic powered and is very easy to operate. This without blue tooth,  smart-phone adjustments etc. Using the mask once will keep clear the nasal passages for easier breathing— And Nitric oxideeven help reduce snoring due to free nasal breathing and controlled mucus development.


Unlike other treatments like Salt flushes, Nasal sprays, laser and infrared electric pulsing etc., this technique is taking care of theroots of the problem. No symptom relief or masking, but a durable solution for years to come.



A lot is promised on the internet the reason why we offer the ""risk-free"" purchase. You can now use the Hmmm-it for three months (90 days) for the best and total experience. If it doesn't help you, you will receive a 100% refund of your purchase, guaranteed by Google/PayPal (safe order).



Natural 100%

Effective treatment.

No side effects.

No nasal spray addiction.

Massage is EMA (Europe) and FDA (USA) Accepted.

Patented product European Development & Design.

Improvement of Natural deep sleep and Sinusitis relief.


Item Shipped from the USA, Europe and Asia.
3 months for return when not satisfied. (PayPal warrantee)"


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