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Lumber Supplier in Cebu

Ad Type: For Sale | Location: Cebu City
Views: | Comments: | 16 July 2013
Do you need a reliable, fast and efficient lumber supplier in Cebu? MOHON LUMBER & HARDWARE CORPORATION answers your need.
Owned by Emie S. Cardenas, we supply lumber or wood products in Cebu, Philippines for more than a decade.
In order to get the best offer or low price offer, don't forget to mention affordablecebu.com upon inquiry or calling.
MOHON LUMBER & HARDWARE CORP.'s principal office is located in Baranggay Mohon, Talisay City, Cebu. For further inquiries, you may contact the following telephone numbers: (032) 273-0456 ; (032) 511-6067, cellphone: 09222037018.
Lumber Supplier in Cebu
Lumber Supplier in Cebu
Lumber Supplier in Cebu
If you own a housing contruction supplies store, we can supply lumbers for you at a more affordable prices than anyone else. Or if you have housing/building, subdivision, townhouses, or any real estate project, we can also manage to supply you with volume of lumbers at cheapest prices.
We can deliver your ordered lumbers at any convenient place you want.
If you want to get the lowest price offering, don't forget to mention affordablecebu.com when you call or inquire.


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Fred Yamanaka   (12 July 2019 8:35 AM)


Please send the price for Gemilina:
2x6x16 8pcs
2x6x14 8pcs
2x6x22 6pcs
2x6x12 36pcs

A, Rough B, Smoothened if available

Thank you

Dominique Neutens   (09 June 2019 3:34 PM)

Please quote price ex works for:
Mangium lumber:
1 x 6 x 10ft : 400pcs
4 x 4 x 10ft : 60pcs
price for (1) rough, and, (2) smoothened with planer (if available)
0998 496 1722
Thank you

Edbert   (28 May 2019 4:13 AM)

Tag pila ang



Jason dumdum   (21 April 2019 8:34 PM)

How much po ang
How much po tanan plss txt my # to your price 09957342889

Roel Edon   (17 April 2019 6:55 PM)












lansang cn 2kilo

please text me for for the price 09359433467

Philip Dent   (25 September 2018 7:25 PM)

Due to start building a house next year which has a lot of timber in it's construction.
Could you tell me do you provide timber beams measuring 6 inch by 6 inch by 9 metres.
I need these as a support for the roof.
Many thanks
Phil Dent

Hanneley P. Mangubat   (13 September 2018 4:18 PM)

I can supply you for all types of WOOD and Construction Materials at a very affordable prices.

Free delivery within Cebu

Please pm 09264166257 or hanneleymangubat@gmail.com or in my facebook account Hanneley Pino Mangubat


Gwendolyn Colina   (17 August 2018 12:37 PM)

I need the following lumber.
2 x 8 x 18 -8pcs
2 x 8 x 16 - 8pcs
2 x 3 x 16 - 40pcs
1 x 6 x 16 - 80pcs
4 x 4 x 8 - 30pcs

Please quote the best price, type of wood and delivery to camotes island. Thanks

Engr, benz   (07 August 2018 9:59 PM)


I need palochina wood
4x4x10ft - 29 pcs
2x6x10ft- 1000 pcs
2x4x10ft - 600 pcs

Pls, contact me if meron.
Location project cebu safari adventure park
Send my mail thanks

allan delfin   (09 July 2018 6:47 PM)

looking for gemelina lumber buyer.

john ojoa   (04 April 2018 1:11 AM)

Looking for gmelina or good quality wood 2"x 6"x 8ft 80 pieces and 2" x 6" x 12ft 20 pieces
best price please

Joy monton   (06 January 2018 5:01 PM)

Looking for gmelina wood for ceiling. I would like to inquire how much? Pls email the price. Thank you

Inaki Celdran   (13 December 2017 9:19 PM)

mopalit mog Molave(tugas) ug Mahogany Trees? thank you

Leonardo Penn   (12 September 2017 11:21 PM)

can you ship to ormoc city? if you can I need a price for the following.
2X4X8 20 pcs
2x6x10 6 pcs
4x4x6 6 pcs


delplace   (17 August 2017 4:30 PM)

give me delay
thank you
how many days
hav y that in stock

delplace   (17 August 2017 4:08 PM)

good afternoon
i want lumber coconut
2x4x10 25parts
2x3x12 20 parts
2x2x6 60 parts
2x3x8 80 parts
2x6x16 16 parts
2x3x16 32 parts
no delivery i take in your shop
regards dominique

loida   (17 June 2017 11:07 AM)

Sususco Realty Corp. 0942-0086690,Loida..

Contact me if you want a coco lumber

loida   (17 June 2017 11:05 AM)

we Also supply coco lumber at a good cost with good quality.You can contact me at 344-2823/0942-00866990/0922-8801112.

Loida/from Sususco Realty Corp.Our office located at 530 A.c Cortes Ibabao Mandaue City

annie   (15 November 2016 12:49 PM)

We supply coc0 lumber at affordable price. Wholesaler and direct source po kami. You may contact me at 0916.52042.75

Liezl Soronio   (03 October 2016 6:55 AM)

Pls send me quotation for the following Items for delivery at Quiot, Cebu City
3 pcs 4 x 2 x 8 coco lumber
2 pcs 4 x 2 x 14 coco lumber
21 pcs 2 x 2 x 10 coco lumber
6 pcs 3 x 2 x 8 coco lumber
5 pcs 1/2 plywood
6 pcs 4 x 4 x 10 coco lumber
2 pcs ¾ marine plywood

14 pcs GI corrugated steel roofing sheet kinabag-an
2 pcs GI sheet plain kinabag-an
2 kilos umbrella nails

Glen   (08 September 2016 1:35 PM)

Please provide prices for the following timber delivered to LapuLapu:

3 pcs 4"x4" x 12'
2 pcs 4"x4" x 16'
9 pcs 4"x2" x 12'

fernando   (21 June 2016 6:47 PM)

Hi Charlie your from negros island right? where in negros are you now and the magnuim located? can u contact me thru this number 09333917442 fernan my name for fast communication.

wolfphil1127   (11 March 2016 1:48 PM)

t&g lumber for flooring and v-edge cut for ceiling

Charlie   (28 February 2016 9:43 AM)

We have mangium plantation located at negros island.
25 years old with an average diameter of 2 ft and an average bigh of 30ft.
Our price per hectare is 500,000 neg.
If you interested please email me

Mitzi Ambrad   (29 January 2016 10:29 PM)


Can you please send me a quotation/pricing about this:
21 pieces 2x2x12 coco lumber


Clark Gordon   (12 October 2015 10:07 AM)

email me price list of all youe coco lumber

arlyn   (27 June 2015 1:36 PM)

We sell quality coco lumber. For inquiries and quotation pls message me at 09215544252

Luke Blackford   (13 May 2015 7:56 PM)

What is the wood species used for standard framing lumber (2x4 etcetera)?

Ely Maureal Eballar   (09 October 2014 4:37 PM)

Duterte St., Banawa , Cebu City 6000 Phils.

Please provide me with costing on the material I needed on little project. You can PM me on FB.
Thank you.

Department: Maintenance Date: Oct 9, 2014
Project: Bulletin Board Structure with Top Cover
SI Particulars Hardware Unit Price Amount

3 S4S Boards 2” X 4” X 10’
4 S4S Boards 1” X 4” X 10’
2 Ply woods 1/2“
? Cork Boards 4’ X 10’
10 Clear Glass 1/4” X 14” X 4’
2 Quartz (Pioneer) Weld wood
1 Kilo Finishing Nails 2 ½”
1 Kilo Finishing Nails 1 ½”
1 Bag Cement
5 Sands and Gravels
1 Length G.I. Pipe Schedule 40 X 2”
3 S4S Boards 2” X 2” X 12’
4 S4S Boards 2” X 2” X 10’
1 Plain G. I. Sheet Size?
Requested by: Ely Eballar
Maintenance Supervisor (4125007)
0923 1422 276; 0917 6306 361

Krstn Dian   (06 July 2014 5:50 PM)

COCO LUMBER FOR SALE at P11.00/board foot. Please call 0916 273 102

1-30 31-35