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C8746 HO Scale 1:87 40ft Shipping Container 40' Cargo Box Model Railway Layout

Ad Type: For Sale | Location: Outside Cebu
| Views: | Comments: | 19 March 2023
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HO Scale 1:87 Shipping Container 40ft 40' Cargo Box Freight Car C8746


Items Description


100% Brand new and high quality.
Perfect for Railway & Building Layout!
Educational,unique and enhances creativity.
Use your brain,exercise your patience.It can be placed in many scenes.
High quanlity.It is a great gift for your children or home decor.


Size: Please see the picture.(Manual measurement have some error).
Reference Scale: 1:87 ,Suitable for HO scale.
Material: Plastic,ABS.
Color:totally 31 different brands,as the picture shows.

Package included:

1pc/2pcs/3pcs/5pcs/10pcs containers.
Notice:The flat car is not included.
If you need different brand containers,contact with us or leave a note.We will meet your need.


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1st picture of C8746 HO Scale 1:87 40ft Shipping Container 40' Cargo Box Model Railway Layout For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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