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New! R-Snake Car ESC V16 Pro 6-16S SBEC 25A for RC Brushless Motor max4

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"New R-Snake ESC V16 Pro 70V

This is an authentic high voltage car controller intended for heavy applications, providing up to 21000W of power to the most insane brushless motors such as TP5860, TP5870, SSS 56123, 56135. This means up to 6,000W more power than 300A ESCs 50V, such as R-Snake V12, Hobbywing MAX4 or ZTW 300A ESC, limited to 15,000W. 

The advantages of running big motors at high voltage have been noted by many experienced large 1/5 scale users, who report not only a brushless systems less stressed and cooler due to lower amps draw, but also visible gains in torque when compared to systems operating higher KV motors at lower voltage.  

New PCB housed in CNC aluminun case and new and powerful mosfets provide extra current for drag and speed runs. Includes USB Link for windows to set important functions like Timing Motor, PWM, Start Power, helping to optimize motor operation. And updated Car V51 firmware guarantees high performance and optimized settings

Innovative waterproof design to increase waterproofing and dust-proofing performance in different racing conditions

The most powerful RC BEC 
New SBEC 15-25A (15A constant and 25A max) and support for 7.4V switching, offering 111W of constant power to the most powerful servos and radio systems on the market 

Electronic Power Switch
Housed in a dust-proof and shock-resistant design with LED ON/OFF indications

Optimize the R-Snake ESC V16 Pro for any driving condition accessing important programming parameters* such as start power, max throttle, ABS brake through the Programming-Box (sold separately) or through the PC using USB LINK for Windows 

*Include PWM frequency dithering and adaptive motor timing advance, programmable through the Flier program available for download at fliermodel.com

Fully CNC 7075 aluminum case (including fan cover) with optimized cooling design and logo printed to laser
Waterproof design to increase waterproofing and dust-proofing performance in different racing conditions
Updated firmware version: Car16S_V51
Includes USB LINK for windows. Software and manual available at fliermodel.com
Recommend motor: 300A max up to 16S LiPo 
Integrated super BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) 
Electronic power switch with indicative LED (On-Off)
Multiple protection functions: battery low voltage protection, signal loss protection and current protection
Compact & lightweight design will make variety layout and spacious space on chassis. More easy adjusting the chassis balance and helping to reduce the weight of the car
Adjustable Timing Motor function (0-30 degree): to suit the most varied brushless motors available on market
Simply set function value by Programming-Box or via PC with USB Link

Input volt (LiPo): 6-16S
Input volt: 24-70V
Constant amps: 300A
Max power: 21000W
Burst current: 800A
Power wires: 8AWG
Battery type: Li-Po, Li-Fe, Nimh
Capacitors on board: Rubycon
Max RPM: 240K (2-poles), 120K (4-poles), 80K (6-poles), 60K (8-poles), 48K (10-poles)
S-BEC Output: 7.4V and 15A cont. and 25A peak current
8mm Bullet Connectors for motor: Yes 
Recommend connectors for battery: QS8 Anti-spark
Size: 113*64*50mm
Wheigt (approx): 560g

Here are some of our suggested motors to get the most out of the 300A V16 ESC R-Snake and expected power and RPM max running at the following volts:

On 16S LiPo (67,2V max):
TFL SSS 56135 520Kv 253A 18Kw: 17,151w to 34,944RPM
TP5860/ TP5650 785Kv 230A 15Kw: 15,000w to 50,000RPM+
TP5870/ TP5690 600KV 225A 15Kw: 15,000w to 40,000RPM+
TFL SSS 56123 600Kv 225A 15Kw: 15,000w to 40,000RPM+ 
TP5860/ TP5680 745Kv 224A 15Kw : 15,000w to 50,000RPM+
TP5870/ TP5690 585KV 219A 15Kw 15Kw: 14.742w to 39.312RPM
TP5860/ TP5680 670KV 201A 15Kw: 13,507w to 45,024RPM
TP5850/ TP5670 785KV 185A 12Kw: 12,412w to 51,000W+ 
TP5850/ TP5670 720KV 169A 12Kw: 11,384w to 48,384RPM
TP5670-CM 1200Kv 169A 12Kw: 11,384w to 80,640RPM
TFL SSS 56104 650KV 159A 11Kw: 10,677w to 43,680RPM
TP5840L/ TP5660 740Kv 168A 10Kw : 9,382w to 52,540RPM
TP5840S/ TP5650 796Kv 122A 8,4Kw: 8,169w to 53,491RPM
TFL SSS 5694 640Kv 120A 9Kw: 8,064w to 43,008RPM
TFL SSS 5684 700Kv 105A 7,5Kw: 7,056w to 47,040RPM
Leopard 58113/ 56113 530KV 94A 8kw: 6.331w to 35.616RPM 

On 15S LiPo (63V max):
TFL SSS 56135 600Kv 290A 18Kw: 18,000w to 37,000RPM+
TFL SSS 56135 520Kv 252A 18Kw: 15,876w to 32,760RPM
TP5860/ TP5680 800Kv 240A 15Kw: 15,000w to 50,000RPM+
TFL SSS 56114 700Kv 233A 13Kw: 14,701w to 44,100RPM
TP5870/ TP5690 600Kv 225A 15Kw: 14,175w to 37,800RPM
TP5860/ TP5680 745Kv 224A 15Kw: 14,080w to 46,935RPM
TP5850/ TP5670 800Kv 192A 12Kw: 12,000w to 50,000RPM+
TP5850/ TP5670 785Kv 185A 12Kw:  11,636w to 49,455RPM
TP5670-CM 1200Kv 169A 12Kw: 10,672w to 75,600RPM
TP5670-CM 1298Kv 183A 12Kw: 11,544w to 81,774RPM
TFL SSS 5694 780Kv 146A 9Kw : 9,000w to 48,000RPM+
TFL SSS 5694 640Kv 125A 9kw: 7,875w to 40,320RPM
Leopard 58113/ 56113 700Kv 124A 8Kw: 7,812w to 44,100RPM
TFL SSS 5684 700Kv 105A 7,5Kw: 7,056w to 47,040RPM

On 14S LiPo (58,8v max):
TFL SSS 56135 600Kv 290A 18Kw: 17.052w to 35,280RPM
TP5870/ TP5690 680Kv 255A 15Kw: 14.994w to 39.984RPM
TP5860/ TP5680 850Kv 255A 15Kw: 14.994w to 49.980RPM
TP5850/ TP5670 850Kv 200A 12Kw: 11,760w to 49,980RPM
TP5670-CM 1298Kv 183,24A 12Kw: 10.774w to 76.322RPM
TP5840L/ TP5660 888Kv 168A 10Kw: 9.851w to 52.214RPM
TP5840S/ TP5650 928Kv 142A 8,4Kw: 8,333w to 54,566RPM
TFL SSS 5694 780Kv 146A 9Kw: 8,599w to 45,864RPM
Leopard 58113 700Kv 124A 8Kw: 7.317w to 41.160RPM
TFL SSS 5684 800Kv 120A 7,5Kw: 7.056w to 47.040RPM

On 12S LiPo (50,2v):
TFL SSS 56123 800Kv 300A 15Kw: 15,000w to 40,000RPM+
TFL SSS 56135 600Kv 292A 18Kw: 14,652w to 30,120RPM
TP5860/ TP5680 970Kv 291A 15Kw: 14,608w to 48,694RPM
TP5870/ TP5690 750Kv 281A 15Kw: 14,118w to 37,650RPM
TP5850/ TP5670 1010Kv 238A 12Kw: 11,929w to 50,000RPM+
TP5670-CM 1530KV 216A 12Kw: 10,843w to 77.724RPM
TP5840L/ TP5660 1054Kv 199A 10Kw: 9,983w to 52,910RPM
TP5840S/ TP5650 1038Kv 159A 8,4Kw: 7,958w to 52,107RPM
Leopard 58113/ 56113 870Kv 155A 8Kw: 7.764w to 43.674RPM
TFL SSS 5694 950Kv 178A 9Kw: 8.941w to 47.690RPM
TFL SSS 5694 920Kv 173A 9Kw: 8.659w to 46.184RPM
SSS 5684 920KV 138A 7,5Kw: 6.927w to 46.184PM

a) Import charges are buyer’s responsibility
b) Handling time: 2-6 working days
c) Shipping method (express): DHL, FedEx, AramEx, EMS
Delivery Time: 6* working days

*Delivery time and shipping company may vary depends on buyers location. We hope it arrives on time; however, since this is an international delivey, shipping time usually depends ont the courier company and your local customs"


1st picture of New! R-Snake Car ESC V16 Pro 6-16S SBEC 25A for RC Brushless Motor max4 For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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