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CAMPLATE 1 466 110 644

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CAMPLATE 1 466 110 644
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VE Pumps
Initially introduced for in-direct injection (IDI) driven passenger cars, distributor pumps have been successfully applied and are running world over on heavy duty direct injection (DI) commercial vehicles and off-highway applications as well. Distributor pumps are known for their compactness and versatility to take on several add-on devices, to cater to all the engine requirements.

Introduction of electronics in engine management has become a necessity to meet the stringent emission norms. The launch of VP36/ VP37 EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) systems signifies this step towards improved closed loop controls. These systems are similar to mechanical distributor pumps but with electronic controls for fuel metering and injection timing.

Mechanical and EDC pumps have been designed to meet Euro III & Tier III emission legislations.


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