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VE Pump Cam Plate 096230-0190

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VE Pump Cam Plate 096230-0190
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Most modern diesel injectors are controlled electronically and are more reliable than ever. But that doesn’t mean that the mechanical part of the injector nozzle doesn’t wear like the rest of your truck. Over time, the diesel injectors supplying your engine with fuel can become worn and weak and affect your engine’s performance. If you’re looking to produce more power or want to take advantage of a larger aftermarket turbo, you can also find nozzles with modified passages that will supply your engine with more fuel.

Most heavy-duty diesel trucks have a well-earned reputation for being tough and it’s not hard to find one with an incredible mileage total on the clock. But injector nozzles face two major stresses: engine heat and poor fuel quality.

Even on a well-maintained truck, hundreds of thousands of miles on the precision surfaces inside diesel injector nozzles can add up. Microscopic particulates can score the seating surfaces inside the injector body, compromising


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