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Another way to manage my files? [closed]

Another way to manage my files? [closed]

For some which are interesting in research, or managing their files better, I found that organizing files in tree structure isn't the best choice.

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Guest [Entry]

"How to ""tag"" files and folders in Total Commander using file comments:

press Ctrl+Z (menu Files -> Edit Comment) and write tags
when searching select the scope in General tab, then switch to Plugins tab
check ""Search in plugins"" check box
select Plugin: tc, Property: comment, OP: contains, for Value: use the tag you are searching for

To copy comments with the file when you use Copy/Move go to menu Configuration -> Options, select Operation and in File Comments check the ""Copy comments with file"" check box.

By default TC uses hidden file ""descript.ion"" to store comments.

In Vista you can also tag some file types like MS Office and jpg files in properties page, in the Details tab. These tags can be used to find tagged files with Search (Win+F), Advanced search, field Tags.

Unfortunately this only works for a very limited set of file types.

You can read more about this here."
Guest [Entry]

"Windows has been providing the ability to organize and search for files based on metadata since windows XP. The features are becoming richer with every version, and Windows 7 introduces also the concept of Libraries which give the ability to also organize your folders.

Arguably there's still a long road. We were close to that when Microsoft started working on an alternative to NTFS, dubbed WinFS. That type of file storage would have been very friendly to many sorts of alternative file management. Unfortunately, WinFS as a file system to replace NTFS was abandoned.

So you are left with third-party applications. These range from pure file explorer alternatives which add an health of features to traditional file management (XYplorer, for instance with its ability to color files, add comments and tags, script etc...), to more specialized applications like TaggedFrog or Tag2Find"