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Are there effective Anti-glare screens? [closed]

Are there effective Anti-glare screens? [closed]

I've got a laptop with a glossy screen, and have considered several so-called 'anti-glare' filters, since this glossy thing really gives me a headache. The one I tried might have protected the screen from scratches, (and I don't let a cat anywhere near my laptop anyway) but did little to reduce the glare.

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"There are such filters - whether it is effective or not depends on YOUR standard of effectiveness.

Suffice to say, 99.9% of people find certain anti-glare filters effective (not naming brands or models!)"
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Try this it actually has helped my eyes a whole lot, since I spend a lot of time on the PC.

Tested on Linux and Windows and it's amazing, and free, even if it might not work for you particular scenerio, I would still give it a try."
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"""that I see only the image on the screen, and not my own reflection, or the neon lamp""

Given your standard of effectiveness, then yes, there are effective anti-glare screens.

Solutions like the 3M Privacy Screens are, as far as I go, grossly over-priced. You may want to trial more generic solutions on Ebay. Just search on Ebay for Anti-Glare laptop screen Protector to find vendors such as this or that one. They have a wide range of different screen size and aspect ratio combinations, and you should take both factors into account before buying a filter. They're also cheapish, in the 10-15$ range.

I recently got myself a matte filter for my 12.1"" laptop (16:9 aspect ratio) from the first vendor. It's not as matte as I would have liked it to be, but it's definitely an improvement! (It's only slightly less matte than my matte-panel desktop monitor.) Before I was always staring into the reflection of myself all day long; now this reflection is much attenuated, to the point where you can easily forget about it. Well worth the money!

Just make sure to properly clean the monitor before applying the filter (literally remove all dust particles), so as not to get such a botched result:

Other than the air pockets on the top half of the monitor (did I mention the need to remove all dust particles?), notice how the screen with the filter is noticeably less reflective than the surrounding glossy area. Before I applied the filter, the screen itself was more reflective than the surrounding area."
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"There once was a time laptops had anti-reflective screens. For one reason or the other, you can now only buy glossy ones. Very sad...

Update @Dynamic I: regrettably, I am serious. My laptop is perfectly anti-glare. When I bought it in 2007, it was the last of it's kind. Then, the industry made the transition to glossy displays en masse (the term CrystalBrite springs to mind). They told us the colors were much better. And so, we poor users have no choice than to buy displays resembling mirrors."