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Are there specific technical considerations that would make it detrimental to put your computer in sleep mode every time?

Are there specific technical considerations that would make it detrimental to put your computer in sleep mode every time?

Often I have a lot of stuff open and don't feel like shutting down my laptop, so I just use sleep mode when I'm transferring it. But I have no idea if this might have any disadvantages.

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"One other negative point is that the laptop will still be consuming a small amount of battery while in sleep mode.

Hibernation is another other option to consider which would completely power it down - yet still allow you to resume exactly where you were when you hibernated it.

Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change Plan Settings -> Change Advanced Power settings -> Sleep -> Allow hybrid sleep (<-- you could also go into the command prompt and type powercfg -h on)

Once those settings have applied, you can go into Power Buttons and Lid in that same dialog box and set it to Hibernate.

Some system processes and applications end up hogging resources and the only way to release it is to restart."
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"In Windows I always prefer to reboot my computer once in a while. Usually after updates...

Remember servers does rarely reboot/shutdown, and they don't have any ill effects of this. Of course some badly designed software or device driver may have a memoryleak that is 'reset' during a reboot, but I guess thats pretty rare for a running system.

Any long term effects that isn't fixed by a reboot is rather unlikely..."
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"According to me, it is best to put the computer in Hibernate mode:

Does not consume the battery.
You can recover your work as soon as you log in.

The disadvantage of putting the PC into sleep mode:

Most of the times you may not remember putting your PC to sleep, then it will spend whole battery and will instantly be giving the warning of putting your PC to wall power in order that to be charged."
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Frequent activation of sleep mode may lead to deep sleep mode activation in case of some drivers like that of graphics and LAN. When we activate the sleep mode, the components and drivers go into sleep, which wake up when we tap a key or click on mouse. Frequent sleep mode activation may lead to deep sleep modes in which the above mentioned drivers Don't wake up even after restarting the system normally. These problems require BIOS configuration checks, RAM resetting, battery resetting, etc.