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Should I put my MacBook Pro to sleep, or shut it down every day?

Should I put my MacBook Pro to sleep, or shut it down every day?


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"I have a 2 year old 3rd Generation Macbook. I have only ever rebooted the machine when a Software Update or install requires it which is fairly rare, and when I used Bootcamp, which I have since removed. I have only had the battery completely die on me once.

Recently I noticed that my battery is only charging to 96% capacity, but considering the use this is fairly standard. I still get 4-5 hours on a battery however, which is more then enough for my needs.

Not to mention how impressive it is when opening the lid and already typing before any other machine around me has even started coming out of sleep mode."
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I go for weeks without ever rebooting any of my macs (laptops or mac pros); never any problems. For my macbook i still get ~4 hours out of the battery having rarely shut it down, always sleeping it by shutting the lid in 3 years of use. This still amazes me, remembering my clunky former Win2k/XP laptops...
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"Sleep mode, it's great.

I'm surrounded by people at work with macbooks, and I don't know anyone who doesn't just ""shut it and forget it.""

When I disconnect my ethernet cable, I do this while the screen is still open, it seems sometimes the switchover to wireless gets confused otherwise and takes a couple of minutes to come to life.

mh@luban $ uptime
0:48 up 38 days, 9:58, 3 users, load averages: 10.70 9.68 8.27"