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bleach and fabric softner dispenser problem

bleach and fabric softner dispenser problem

Only a portion of bleach and fabric softner will dispense. Sometimes none will dispense.

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"Here are some tips that may help you resolve your dispenser problems:

You should be using only liquid chlorine bleach in the bleach dispenser.

Check the dispenser for a clog in the siphon hole. Pull the cover off of the chlorine bleach dispenser. You will see an elevated hole in the bottom of the bleach dispenser. Make sure that the hole is completely clear. If that hole is clogged, the bleach will not dispense properly. Replace the cover back on the top of the bleach dispenser. Manually fill the bleach dispenser with water until it begins siphoning the water out through the dispensing hole. If the water siphons out properly, this verifies that the bleach dispenser cup if working properly. There will be some water left in the bottom of the bleach dispenser cup after it siphons out the liquid. The amount left after conducting the test described above is normal. Making sure that the bleach dispenser is unobstructed and using the proper type of bleach may help you resolve this bleach dispensing problem.

Check the detergent dispenser in a similar manner. Pull the dispenser drawer out and clean it. Make sure that the siphon holes are unobstructed. If you are using powdered HE detergent, you should have removed the siphon hole cover and the tray from the detergent dispenser. If you are using liquid detergent, you can check the detergent dispenser in the same manner as you checked the bleach dispenser to make sure that it siphons out the liquid properly.

Make sure that the water supply provided to the washer is adequate. Shut off the water supply faucets behind the washer. Disconnect the water supply hoses from the back of the washer. Place the ends of the hoses in a bucket. Briefly turn on the water supply faucets and check for proper water pressure and flow from both fill hoses. A water supply problem (especially from the cold supply hose) can prevent the dispensers from working properly.

These tips may help you resolve the dispenser problems in your washer. If not, you could have a problem with the control, the water valve assembly or the supply hoses to the dispensers. I recommend that you have a service technician diagnose and repair those types of problems."
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"On my washer, the fabric softener would not drain. I removed the top cover (3 screws in back) and found that there is a motor with a plastic cam and arm that re-directs the incoming water in one of 3 ways: To the detergent, to the fabric softener and none of the above.

The plastic arm popped off the motor shaft, probably due to vibration leaving the redirector aimed at the detergent and never the fabric softener. With a minutes careful work I was able to push the plastic piece back onto the shaft. It works fine now.

The redirector could have been left in the fabric softener position which would have starved the washer for detergent."
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I have a high efficiency Kenmore elite washer. Bleach dispenser was not dispensing and was full of water. Washers that have dispensers have water valve assemblies which have water lines to the dispensers. The solenoid that controlled the water being sent to the bleach dispenser failed. I change the water valve assembly out and the issue was fixed.$30.00 part. Solenoids are light light bulbs, they can burn out at any time.
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what could be a reason why the fabric softener dispenser doesn’t get emptied after washing. i feel it up with softener, it gets dispense correctly but after every wash, the dispenser gets filled with water. i have to remove the entire tray to empty the dispenser so i can put softener again for the next wash...