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Can I use my PC as a Bluetooth headset for my mobile phone?

Can I use my PC as a Bluetooth headset for my mobile phone?

I have a very good headset and have become quite fond of making all my calls on my PC with Skype. In fact, whenever someone calls my mobile phone, I ask them to call back on my Skype-In number.

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"Things to try:

Depending on the device, you can have the device search the PC for available services. Your device should pickup Audio Gateway or Voice Gateway.
Go to My Computer and click My Bluetooth Places. Assuming your phone is paired, double click it and you should see a list of available options that your phone supports.
Right click on 'HS Voice Gateway on XXXXX' (XXXXX is the Bluetooth name for your phone). Click on 'Connect Audio Gateway'. Make sure you also add your computer to your phone by going into the Settings menu, then Bluetooth, down to Handsfree then select My handsfree then select New handsfree.
This article might give you some ideas:
Use your computer to receive your mobile phone calls via the hands-free/headset profile using Bluetooth (WM5)"
Guest [Entry]

"My Nokia E51 and Windows 7 supports this.
It does not work properly however with the mike.
Only sounds get transferred not speech to the phone :<"