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Change Terminal Title in Mac OS X

Change Terminal Title in Mac OS X

How can I arbitrarily change the title of a Terminal window in Mac OS X? I have seen this question and this magicwrap thing, but think it's just a simple Mac OS X command.

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"This article tells you how.

Essentially, you use character sequences echoed to the screen to inform the terminal of what title it should display.

title='My first title'
echo -n -e ""\033]0;$title\007""

In the above example, whatever the variable title is set to while become the terminal's title. Of course, you could just have the title in the string to echo such as:

echo -n -e ""\033]0;My first title\007""

But the first way makes it a slightly bit easier to use and/or extend later."
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"Remix of Dan MgG's answer:

echo -n -e ""\033]0;$1\007""

Store it in a file called /usr/bin/title (using sudo!) and chmod it to +x. Then from anywhere you can just type

title 'Trying to Figure This GIT Thing Out'

and you get a nice little title.

(Syntax may vary if you're not on OSX, if I understand correctly)"
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"Thanks for this. I just added a function to my .bashrc:

function stit() {
echo -n -e ""\033]0;$1\007""

In my mind ""stit"" = a convenient shortcut for ""set_title"". And now when I want to set the title of my windows on the fly, I type:

stit ""[new window title]"""
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"The reply marked as Best answer works fine... this is what i did...

tell application ""Terminal""
do script ""echo -n -e \""\\033]0;WorkerTab1\\007\""; cd $HOME/folder1""
end tell

this will set the name of the new tab to WorkerTab1 and then perform other commands like ""cd"" , etc."