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Configuring 2 disks to run at same time on Time Machine

Configuring 2 disks to run at same time on Time Machine

Ok, so rotating two disks with Time Machine is rather simple. Probably simpler than using 3rd part to do backups (from this worth reading FAQ about TM) of it.

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"Found it!

That is the kind of thing I was looking for!

I'll just put an adapted quote from the author (pbeyersdorf):

The script is launched
automatically when my external drive
is mounted or unmounted (using the
free utility Do Something When)
and uses GUI Scripting to set Time
Machine to backup to a ""primary drive""
(the primarydrivename variable in the
script) if it is available, and if it
isn't, it will attempt to have it
backup to a ""secondary drive""
(secondarydrivename). Failing that, it
leaves the Time Machine preferences

Just be sure to read the first link as the script, made before Snow Leopard, must be modified to work with it!

I'm just going to use it with timer rather than DSW!

Happy! :)

This is much better than Super Duper, which seems to take a lot longer Time Machine, or Disk Utility, which can't make progressive and might only be worth it for the first time setting up the second TM disk. CCC doesn't even work with TM."