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Crash dump in Windows 7 possibly caused by GeForce 9800 GTX

Crash dump in Windows 7 possibly caused by GeForce 9800 GTX

I'm getting the BSOD fairly frequently in the last week, and I can't figure out why. The errors lead me to believe a memory failure somewhere (MEMORY MANAGEMENT, PAGE IN NONPAGE AREA), but they only occur under heavy loading of my video card (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX) so far. Does this mean that the on-board memory of my video card is bad?

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"This sounds like you have overheating issues. What are your temperatures running at on the card before such a crash?

You can try adding some cooling and see if you see reduced crashes. If it keeps acting up at the same frequency, then you might have bad video ram. You got any warranty left on the card? Otherwise, it might need replacement. But, before you jump to that, try monitoring your temps and get some extra cooling on that card. The 9800 gtx is a dual slot sized card if I am not mistaken and should have one or two built on fans. You might try one of the video card overclocking utilities to set the fans at a higher RPM.

You said you can see the fan running, but by default, many cards have fans set at a lower speed to reduce noise. With the fan utilities, you can manually ramp up fan speeds. Also, make sure the computer is clean. Run some compressed air through it and the video card to make sure those fans are clear of dust.

If it is not the video card, your main system memory may be failing or overheating. Memtest will help you determine any main memory issues. Also, make sure the ram is clean and fans are clear."