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Do I need to replace the washer display control board?

Do I need to replace the washer display control board?

I have a "Kenmore" (though really LG) top load washing machine, model #79629002000. I was constantly getting an uE then finally a UE message (uneven) when I washed a load of laundry, and the cycle would not complete. The washer is level though. A "Sears" repairman came out and diagnosed it as an algorithmic problem with the display control board. I ordered one that happened to be used but in good working condition, replaced the board, and am still getting that uE message. Could this board be bad as well, or is it another problem??? I see another computer part, the main control board. Could that need to be replaced? Or is not a computer problem altogether and it's something entirely different? I know it's hard to diagnose without a first-hand visual, but I thought that if this is a common problem (I've read of others getting uE messages each cycle with this model) then maybe it's an easy answer for someone.

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"Talitha, double check first to see if your washer is one of those that got recalled. Check on here. There are some issues that the UE error may remain even if you change the control board. double check the following as well

1) Warped stator

2) Out of Balance spin basket

3) Software glitch (unlikely)

4) failed Hall sensor"
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"I had the recall applied. The service technician said the unit was recalled because the monitoring for out of balance wasn't sensitive enough. He said there were instances where the washer got out of balance and walked across the floor. He warned me the washer would experience more u/E issues because of the recall.

If I knew that I never would have allowed the software update for the recall to be applied.

Sadly, this will be my last Kenmore."