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I need to replace the "brain" of my machine. What its name? Help.

I need to replace the "brain" of my machine. What its name? Help.

We have a Kenmore High Efficiency Elite 5t. Our washing machine was in our basement, and last summer a flood covered halfway of its total height. Obviously, it stopped working. A handy-man told us that the "computer" or "brain" as I call it is damaged and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know the exact term of this "piece" of machinery. By no means am I a washing machine repairer expert. The way I see it, I picture the washing machine as a monitor, and there's got to be a hard-drive. Unfortunately, I lost our manual. I'm trying to find that piece of machinery on the internet, but does anyone know the exact terminology? Thanks in advanced.


"According to what's it's doing it could be the Control Module: http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/C...

or the motor control board:


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