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Does Safari 4 crash protection actually work for anybody?

Does Safari 4 crash protection actually work for anybody?

Apple touted Safari 4 as having a crash protection feature (similar to that provided by Google Chrome), wherein the crash of a browser plugin (ahem, Flash) would not bring down the whole browser, but just the pane or possibly the tab containing the offending plugin content.

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Guest [Entry]

"In Snow Leopard, Safari 4 will run Flash as an separate process, so that if/when Flash crashes, the rest of Safari won't be affected. You need to be running Snow Leopard, though; Safari 4 in OS 10.5 Leopard still runs Flash as a plugin, and Flash crashes will still crash the entire browser.

Here's a screenshot from the page ""Apple - Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Refining the user experience"":

Moreover, here's a quote from this press release from Apple:

In Mac OS® X Snow Leopard™, available
later this year, Safari runs as a
64-bit application, boosting the
performance of the Nitro JavaScript
engine by up to 50 percent.** Snow
Leopard makes Safari more resistant to
crashes by running plug-ins in a
separate process, so even if a plug-in
crashes, Safari continues to run and
the user simply has to reload the
affected page.

I can't speak to why this new feature is 10.6-only, but it seems pretty clear that it is."