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Does using OpenDNS have any disadvantages?

Does using OpenDNS have any disadvantages?

I live in Istanbul and loads of websites are banned here by the government. In order to be able to enter the banned sites like YouTube, some of my friends are using a specific DNS server address instead of obtaining DNS server address automatically. In that way they can bypass the ban. The addresses are as follows:

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"These are OpenDNS name servers, a company located in the USA, which earns money by placing ads and selling data. So, you will have two disadvantages:

The data about your Internet usage will be given to the US police and not the Turkish one. It will be sold to US companies, too.
You will be redirected to ad Web sites should you make a typo in a Web address, even if the parent domain exists."
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"As for Privacy, the use of OpenDNS might not be the most recommended method, I admit. However, they can sometime be very useful for checking the changes done to records in a zone file. I am also sure that OpenDNS logs a lot of information about your requests and builds statistical data they can resell. But, having had problems with my ISP DNS servers, I had no choice but to switch to another DNS server. I chose OpenDNS, and since then, I had no internet outage due to DNS failures from my ISP. I admin, there can be other alternative solutions to this.

Also, keep in mind that using a different DNS server may cause some delays at the first connection, since the first DNS server to be contacted will be remote while the one from your local ISP will likely be only two hops away.

However, if you're brave enough to lay with your settings, you can set OpenDNS or other third-party DNS as secondary DNS server.