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Dual monitors on Windows - How do I set a different DPI or text size on each monitor?

Dual monitors on Windows - How do I set a different DPI or text size on each monitor?

My laptop is a 15" wide screen running at 1600x1050, and in addition to that I connect an external 19" LCD which runs at 1280x1024. The problem with this setup is that if I increase the text size to make the laptop screen readable, the text on the external LCD is huge. Normal text on the LCD results in tiny text on the laptop.

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"It finally does work in Windows 10 although many apps still would not scale correctly. It works almost as good as on OSX.

For higher DPI 1st monitor (200% scale)

For lower DPI 2nd monitor (100% scale)

It is important NOT to use following scaling (it should be set to 100%). By default using MacBook retina driver pack it would be set to 150/200%."
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"You (should) be able to. In Linux you could do it like this:

Create a X VNC Server with the size of two times the smaller screen. For example: you have two monitors, same size, but 1920 and 1600 pixels wide: you make a virtual server of two times the better one: 3840px wide (1080px height).
Open two VNC clients against the server you just created. Put one in each screen. Full screen. Scale 1:1. Scroll the window on the right to show the rightmost part of the Vnc server. Since the pixels are different size, everything will look bigger in the screen of 1600px. Zoom out that one until sizes fits.

This is obviously very simple and has grave drawbacks (no direct rendering, probably slow, etc). But if you could do the same with proper framebuffers and such..."
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A workaround (although I haven't found how to do it in Windows 7) is enabling desktop panning/scrolling, that way it could be possible to set any resolution in smaller displays so font size would be similar.
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"As other answers have pointed out, DPI settings can't be adjusted per-monitor (or per-application).

If you need specific applications running in a different DPI than the rest of the desktop, consider using a virtual machine."