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DynDns confusion

DynDns confusion

I'm pretty sure this doesn't belong on serverfault. Anyway, I'm confused with DynDns. Its supposed to change the IP address whenever your IP address changes, but for anyone to access the host I have to make it point to my router's global IP address, which I have to forward port 80 to my computer's current local IP Address, and the port forwarding won't automatically change when the IP address changes. Any help? Thanks. By the way, I'm on an iMac, with Aiport Extreme (AEBS) router.

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"It sounds like you might be a litle bit confused as to the difference between DynDns and port-forwarding.

DynDns provides hostname resolution for your public IP address, or the ""global"" IP address of your router. Whenever your ISP assigns you a new public IP, the DynDns client (typically on your router) updates the DynDns servers.

Port-forwarding takes care of mapping an open port on your public IP to a private IP address on the local network. Most routers do not have an easy way of updating port-forwarding rules to deal with changes in your dynamic private IPs. Typically the easiest way to work around this is to set up your server with a static private IP so that the router will always forward port 80 traffic to that one IP."
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"If you're running Snow Leopard, you'll need to use this workaround as well for the updater:

We also have a troubleshooting guide on our site, in case you can't connect to your server/device, but I'm only allowed to post one hyperlink. If you go to our site and do a search for ""can't connect"" it will be the first result listed."