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Editing JPEG EXIF properties

Editing JPEG EXIF properties

How can I edit EXIF properties of JPEG files on a Windows machine?

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A freebie that looks good is PhotoME :
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Xnview shows EXIF and edits IPTC and XMP.
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"I have always Used EXIFER for this. I checked the developer's web page for a link for this and see that EXIFER is not being developed ANY FURTHER. The author recommends several more up to Date utilities including:

ACDSee (commercial)

The exifer page is here http://www.friedemann-schmidt.com/software/exifer/"
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"I just discovered that Windows Explorer (at least in Windows 10.0.18362) can edit some EXIF/XMP fields. Right click file > Properties > Details. From a quick test on a jpg file, here are the editable values and their corresponding metadata fields, as reported by exiv2 -pa pengwin.jpg (exiv2):

Windows Explorer Value (in order) Field(s) written (reported by exiv2)
----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Title Exif.Image.ImageDescription
Title Exif.Image.XPTitle
Title Xmp.dc.description
Title Xmp.dc.title
Subject Exif.Image.XPSubject
Rating Exif.Image.Rating
Rating Exif.Image.RatingPercent
Rating Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.Rating
Rating Xmp.xmp.Rating
Tags Exif.Image.XPKeywords
Tags Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.LastKeywordXMP
Tags Xmp.dc.subject
Comments Exif.Image.XPComment
Authors Exif.Image.Artist
Authors Exif.Image.XPAuthor
Authors Xmp.dc.creator
Date taken Exif.Photo.DateTimeDigitized
Date taken Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal
Date taken Xmp.xmp.CreateDate
Date acquired Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.DateAcquired
Copyright Exif.Image.Copyright
Copyright Xmp.dc.rights
Camera maker Exif.Image.Make
Cameral model Exif.Image.Model
ISO Speed Exif.Photo.ISOSpeedRatings
Metering mode Exif.Photo.MeteringMode
Flash mode Exif.Photo.Flash
35mm focal length Exif.Photo.FocalLengthIn35mmFilm
Lens maker Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.LensManufacturer
Lens model Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.LensModel
Flash maker Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.FlashManufacturer
Flash model Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.FlashModel
Camera serial number Xmp.MicrosoftPhoto.CameraSerialNumber
Contrast Exif.Photo.Contrast
Light source Exif.Photo.LightSource
Exposure program Exif.Photo.ExposureProgram
Saturation Exif.Photo.Saturation
Sharpness Exif.Photo.Sharpness
White balance Exif.Photo.WhiteBalance
EXIF version Exif.Photo.ExifVersion"