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fans are running but no display on monitor

fans are running but no display on monitor

So I just built a pc and when I started it up for the first time the fans started spinning and my graphics card had a blue light. I put my USB in with my windows 10 in and the USB stick lit up. So I thought my USB ports worked because of that but my mouse and keyboard don’t turn on when I plug them in. Also when I plug in my monitor to my pc nothing shows up.

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"Double check connections for power cables going to the motherboard and graphics card.

The motherboard should have the 8-pin EPS connector (4+4) and ATX 24-pin connector (20+4). These need to be seated in fully with no gap.

Also for the graphics card if it uses an auxillary power connector it's usually a 6 pin or 6+2 (8 pin).

Also this might be silly to ask make sure the display cable from the monitor is plugged into the graphics card and not the motherboard.

If the above all doesn't work try reseating the memory and try the ram individually to rule out bad ram or bad ram slot."
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"Hi @fordmuss ,

Even though the fans are running etc, doesn’t mean that the BIOS has passed POST.

You may have to connect a system speaker to the motherboard and check for any beep error codes.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

What is the exact CPU and the exact RAM? Looking at the supported CPU and Memory lists there are two Ryzen 5 1600 CPUs. One Pinnacle Ridge and one Summit Ridge and there are supported memory lists for both types but you haven’t specified either type of CPU or the RAM, I can’t tell if it is suitable for the motherboard/CPU combination that the setup is or not."