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Fiddler stops capturing when I close DestroyTwitter

Fiddler stops capturing when I close DestroyTwitter

I'm trying to capture HTTP(S) traffic between my machine and an external REST service using Fiddler, as it seems Firebug isn't giving me detailed enough info. DestroyTwitter polls frequently and pollutes my capture history, but when I close Destroytwitter, Fiddler doesn't capture anything at all, while still showing the icon that it is capturing. Why is this?

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Guest [Entry]

"Did you set up Firefox to actually use Fiddler's proxy? In Advanced » Network » Connection » Settings, Firefox has several options for proxy settings:

No proxy: Fiddler will not work.
Auto-detect proxy settings for this network: Fiddler might work? (I don't know.)
Use system proxy settings: Fiddler will work, if you have chosen to have it change the system wide settings.
Manual proxy configuration: you will have to enter the Fiddler details yourself.

As DestroyTwitter did get captured, I assume Fiddler has changed the system wide proxy settings. Hence, I guess the third option in Firefox should work."