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Gas smell from dryer when opening the door

Gas smell from dryer when opening the door

I smell gas when opening the dryer door but do not smell gas when dryer is shut. The dryer vent seems clear as there is good air exhaust. Is this likely a problem with a gas valve shutoff on the dryer or a gas connection to the dryer?

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"Hi Edward,

I think the issue you are facing with the gas dryer is the lack of ""make up air"". This issue is often overlooked in dryer and other vented applications like stove hoods and bathroom vents. The issue is that these devices need to receive enough air to work properly, and if the house (or closet) is very air tight (which is the trend), then the dryer will starve for air. The result is incomplete venting of the dryer exhaust. This is less of an issue in an electric dryer as there is no combustion. But in a gas dryer, you will need to provide some make up air. One solution is to just open the window. But a better solution is a vent with a flapper on it that allows air to enter when the dryer begins to run."
Guest [Entry]

"Had a gas smell inside drum and from outer vent during recent use.

1) Cleaned removable filter/screen with soapy water.

2) Disassembled and removed filter/screen chassis inside drum for access to chassis sump and front of duct.

3) Removed a surprising amount of debris; lint, coins, bits of paper of about a 1/2 cup in volume with some density but no actual blockage.

4) Removed and cleaned vent tube from back of dryer to wall; nothing of note.

5) Rubbed and vacuumed internal duct from filter/screen chassis to back of dryer; nothing of note.

6) Reassembled.

Ran a load. Seems fine.

Thank you for posting."
Guest [Entry]

I know I was having some problems with my Kenmore dryer and the scent of burning and gas got me all worked up about fires. I went outside moved the flap for my dryer vent all around, and checked in the vent tube to see if anything was stuck. When I went back in looked all-around in every dryer crevice/spot both inside and out to see if something was up in there. I took my central vac and stuck it into every area to auck all debris or anything that could have been stuck out of it. After vacuuming the whole dryer + reattaching the vent to the back of the dryer(in a more secure way instead of a clamp) I fired it back up and all seemed to be running well and still is, but the screen inback of dryer (with the little round holes in it) was all burnt. If something was heating up it definitely came through that back area. Cross fingers it stays good. It could have been real bad. Maybe I got some good dust build up or something out of it all together after the vacuum.
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