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How can I set my computer up for remote SSH access?

How can I set my computer up for remote SSH access?

I have a Linux machine that I can access by SSH from my laptop when I am inside my house, but when I am using another Internet connection, I can't connect.

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Guest [Entry]

"You will have to log in to your modem/router to forward the port your SSH server is listening on (usually 22).

From there, while using your client, make sure you're connecting to your outside IP address (the one assigned by your ISP) instead of your internal one assigned by your router in your home network.

Useful links:

Forwarding ports - http://portforward.com/
Finding your IP address - http://www.whatismyip.com/
Create a domain name that points to your home IP http://www.dyndns.com/"
Guest [Entry]

"This is a pretty simple problem but it will require you to address it at a few levels. Firstly you will need to make sure SSHD is running on your Linux box so that SSH is available.

Next you will need to configure your router to port forward all SSH traffic to the SSH port on your Linux machine. Next you will need to set up DynDNS to give your Linux box a name that resolves on the Internet.


Happy Hunting!"