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How do I disable the CD drive eject button in Windows 7? [duplicate]

How do I disable the CD drive eject button in Windows 7? [duplicate]

My baby brother keeps messing around with the CD drive. I tried the software from Disable CD eject button on Windows laptop but it didn't work on Windows 7. I'm using a desktop computer with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

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bert [Entry]

"I just tried CD/DVD Drive Locker and it worked on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

If you have small children in your
family, then you are probably familiar
with the situation in which straight
after they learn to move around
independently, they begin to touch
everything that they came across.

In particular, children like to open
and close the CD/DVD drive on the
computer, and press the Reset button.

The CD/DVD Drive Locker helps to temporary turn the CD/DVD ROM drive off, and so pressing on the CD/DVD drive's buttons doesn't lead to the CD/DVD drive being ejected."
bert [Entry]

"If the CD-ROM button is activated by one of those little plastic tabs built into many cases, you could physically remove the tab from the case.

You could still eject via the software command in windows.

However, it sounds like you might have a laptop? In that case you could physically remove the drive. Or remove your baby brother from the computer area :)"