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How do you recreate the System Recovery environment in Windows 7?

How do you recreate the System Recovery environment in Windows 7?

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium RTM (64-bit) and I want to take advantage of the system recovery tools (eg the Command Prompt) without using the Windows 7 DVD. My understanding is that this environment (WinRE) should be installed to your HDD by default as part of the Windows 7 installation. However, when I hit F8 on boot and select "Repair", I get:

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bert [Entry]

"For recovery on F8 you need:

a special loader entry and a device options entry in the BCD and two files on disk: ""winre.wim"" + ""boot.sdi"" and some linking between them.

I have posted here -->Windows 7 boot some info on ""good"" BCD entries created during Windows 7 install to VHD (a litle more complicated - but the principle is the same).

For (during) a Windows 7 installation 3 entries in the BCD store are created:

1.) Windows 7 loader entry

2.) Windows 7 recovery loader entry

3.) device options entry for the recovery loader.

There is a link from 1.) to 2.) and a link from 2.) to 3.) implemented through {GUID}'s (every entry in the BCD is regarded as object and has a {GUID}).

I intend to post a step by step ""How-to repair the 'Repair my computer' option on F8"" only by repairing Windows BCD and copying two files. (check link above next week).

In Dual-boot Repair - second part of page explained how to add 'Repair your computer' on F8 (advanced boot options) if missing. Download link for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit recovery files."