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How do I locate the MAC address of my computer?

How do I locate the MAC address of my computer?

I am unable to locate the MAC address in a new computer with Windows 7. I've tried ipconfig /all in the console to which I got no items match your search. I also tried getmac. A screen flashed very briefly with what appeared to be the information, but it was not there long enough to read.

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"You have probably typed that into the Start Menu search dialog, which does execute the command but doesn't show it as the command prompt window disappears as soon as the command has been executed. This is the normal bahavior of command prompt applications, they close as soon as it is done.

In order for the command prompt to stay, you have to run those commands through the command prompt. The command prompt doesn't disappear after execution of a program; so, you can see the output as a result.

Click the Start Button or press the Windows key.
In the start menu search, type cmd.
Hit Enter to execute the command prompt, or click on the cmd entry that appears.
Type in ipconfig /all or getmac and it should execute both commands and the window will remain open such that you can see the output.

getmac is great for just mac addresses ipconfig is good for ip addresses and ipconfig /all is great for IP address and a lot of other useless info (like unused connections)

to use getmac

type cmd in the search box and press enter or run window (windows logo + r)
then type getmac (no ipconfig necessary, in fact that wont work) and let it run (it may take a few seconds to rertrieve the info)

if you use ipconfig and ipconfig dose not have enough info use ipconfig /all"
Guest [Entry]

"For Windows Vista and Windows 7, in the control panel:

Open the Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection > Details > Physical Address."