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How do you get to the screws to remove the handle

How do you get to the screws to remove the handle

How do you disassemble the back of the door to get to the screws?

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Guest [Entry]

"Hi @rtcoral ,

Here is a link to the spare parts guide for your microwave door.

It shows an exploded view of the door parts. Part #207 is the handle.

Here is a video which shows how to remove the cover choke (#206) to gain access to the screws that hold the handle.

If you need a new handle, the spare parts link above was not meant as a recommendation to use the supplier. It was only shown to give a view of the parts and their cost, (I can't believe the cost of the handle replacement part!). There are other suppliers online who may suit you better. Just search for JVM3160DF1WW parts.

Hopefully this is of some help"
Guest [Entry]

"Hi @ramimoto ,

Here’s a link to the door parts for your model.

If you mean part #206 is blocking access to the screws, use the video in the Chosen Solution above to see how to remove this part so that access to the screws is possible."
Xilmzr [Entry]

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