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How to remove large number of entries from url history in Firefox?

How to remove large number of entries from url history in Firefox?

I want to remove large number of urls from my page history - they all match simple regexp, but there is a lot of them - doing this by "delete" in suggestion box is not an option. And when I bring history tab, whenever I click on item, it automatically opens - so I can't remove there anyway.

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Guest [Entry]

"Seems you are right. In my Firefox profile directory, there is a filed named places.sqlite. Opening it with sqlite reveals (amongst others) the tables moz_places and moz_historyvisits. It seems that moz_historyvisits uses the primary of moz_places to refer to the URLs.

I suggest you back up that file before you start deleting."
Guest [Entry]

"They are stored in the moz_places table as full URL strings in the places.sqlite database, which is found in these locations:

Windows XP

C:\Documents and

Windows Vista




Mac OS X


of course, [user] and [profile folder] will be different for your machine."