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iPad Pro makes charging sounds when not plugged in

iPad Pro makes charging sounds when not plugged in

Periodically my iPad Pro will start making sounds like it’s charging, not charging, charging. The charging indicator even stars showing that it is/isn’t, etc. Not plugged in at all

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Guest [Entry]

"It appears that the iPad believes that a charger is being connected/disconnected. This could be caused by a damaged charging port or a logic board issue. I would start by inspecting the charge port on the bottom of you device. If you can, shine a light inside it and check to see if there is any debris or if the copper pins inside it are damaged or bent. Magnification will help!

If the charging port looks good, then the problem could be on the logic board.

Unfortunately, unless there is debris inside the charge port, the other options are not really DIY repairable. You will need to find a repair shop or deal directly with Apple."
Guest [Entry]

"It seems to me that these older 9.7 inch models (2016) are pieces of crap.

I’ve never had one, but i can only assume a logic board or charging port issue.

Since i have done various Android, iPhone, and iPad repairs, i would buy a iCloud locked variant that is otherwise IDENTICAL to the broken iPad. At this point i would start swapping parts and testing it out.

Overall, i would just turn silent on and hope and pray it doesn’t vibrate.

Best of luck, Austin"