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iPhone won't charge or turn on after screen replacement?

iPhone won't charge or turn on after screen replacement?

Hi all, I recently replaced the screen on an iphone 6 plus, and after the replacement the phone will not charge, my computer will not recognize its plugged in, and I can't get it to turn on. It's basically bricked. Any solutions to this problem? the iphone was sitting for weeks before the replacement, so I don't believe it was on during the replacement, but I did forget to disconnect the battery during. I tried a few methods online to try to unbrick it but the iphone is completely unresponsive.

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"I had issue where it seemed IPhone 6 Plus did not turn back on after replacing display. Also, was not being recognized via ITunes on PC. Was under impression phone was dead..

After reseating cables, and confirming screws were placed into proper location, I plugged phone into firewire to see if possibly battery issue. One hint to recognize phone was not dead was that the back of the phone would become warm after roughly 5 minutes. Second hint, when attempting to apply ribbon cable plate to display/Home button/Digitizer (don't recall the 4 th cable) location, I found a ribbon cable was covering one of the screw holes. Turned out, I had ribbon cables plugged in wrong order. As soon as I placed in proper order, phone powered on..

Hope this helps someone!"
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I would double check all of the connections, especially the connection for the lighting cable connector, which I believe is right next to the battery connector. If it was sitting for weeks, it probably has a dead battery, so if the lightning ribbon cable isn't plugged in well, it may not be able to charge. I would also just double check all of the screen connectors while you're in there.
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I had same problem with my 6plus after screen replace. I tryed everything, 4times. Then i noticed one screw hole was behinde one of the connectors. My hand was placed over my face, i put the wrong connectors in the wrong hole. So people, look 2-3times on the connectors when you replace the screen.
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"Here are the possible reasons below:

1. Power Distribution Issue

2. The Dead Battery Issue

3. The Damage Board Issue

4. Assembly Issue

5. Problem with Flat Cable Connection

You can check more details here: Why iPhone Won't Turn On After Screen Replacement"