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Is it possible to get the Ubuntu 'Always on top' functionality in Windows? [duplicate]

Is it possible to get the Ubuntu 'Always on top' functionality in Windows? [duplicate]

In Ubuntu when you right click on a window, you get the option to keep it 'Always on Top'. This is incredibly useful sometimes when I want a window to take up the whole desktop (e.g. Internet Browser) but still want to see the information from another smaller window (e.g. A video/film). Using the Windows 7 snap to edge feature is very useful and I use it a lot but its not always what you want.

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Guest [Entry]

"Some windows programs have it added as a 'feature' but the default windows framework does not support it.

It is sometimes called 'pin'.

Third party apps can add this functionality if you wish.

For example, PowerMenu or DeskPins (As pointed out by John)

Disclaimer: I have not tried the linked application."
Guest [Entry]

"Keep a Window on top with a handy AutoHotkey script
Always on Top: Keep Any Window Visible Always

The direct download link is here:


I simply add the always-on-top.exe file to the startup folder, and then you just press ""ctrl + space"" for the selected window to stay on top. Deactivation is just pressing ctrl + space again.

The program is written in Autohotkey with a single line of code:

^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A"