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Is there a way to reposition an entire toolbar in FireFox 3.5?

Is there a way to reposition an entire toolbar in FireFox 3.5?

It seems like this should be simple, but I'm not finding an obvious way to do this.

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Guest [Entry]

"Check out the Drag'N'Drop toolbars extension. This lets you do what you want to do.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work in Firefox 3.5.

You can also accomplish what you want by editing the browser XUL manually. The XUL you want to edit is chrome://browser/content/browser.xul. The files are kept in a JAR file in the Firefox install directory at chrome/browser.jar, which you will need to extract with a zip tool. Look for the <toolbox> tag, and reorder the <toolbar> (lots of stuff) </toolbar> tags within to change the order of the toolbars. After you are done, keep a copy of the old browser.jar for safekeeping, and zip up the directory structure again, and rename the zip file to a .jar. (you also may want to simply ""store"" in the zip instead of compress, for speed). I'm not sure how useful this will be in moving just ONE of the custom toolbars though, because it looks like they are grouped together in a toolbarset in the browser XUL.

Of course, this editing of the XUL is likely to get clobbered by an update, so you will have to do it over again."
Guest [Entry]

"Right click on the area at the top near the location bar in FF and select ""customize""

It is rather intuitive once you are in this mode. Just go up and grab the bars you want to move around and put them where you want them."