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Is there an AutoHotKey for Ubuntu?

Is there an AutoHotKey for Ubuntu?

I would like to simulate keyboard combinations.

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The links in nik's answer are a bit old but still pretty useful, although there have been quite a few advancements since then. There is IronAHK currently available which is a complete rewrite of AutoHotkey which works under .NET as well as Mono, allowing it to have cross-platform compatibility. It's also free and fully open source.
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"Landed here earlier while searching for one myself.

There is now a opensource & cross platform alternative.
Robotjs handles mouse, keyboard, and screen(pixels) inputs with js code.


Example from the website:

// Type ""Hello World"" then press enter.
var robot = require(""robotjs"");

// Type ""Hello World"".
robot.typeString(""Hello World"");

// Press enter.