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Is there any equivalent to wine for running Mac applications?

Is there any equivalent to wine for running Mac applications?

Is there anything to run applications designed for OS X in Linux without having OSX, similar to how you can run Windows applications on Linux using Wine without having Windows?

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"It seems that you're looking for an implementation of the Carbon/Cocoa frameworks used in Mac OS X.

I'm pretty sure that there doesn't exist an implementation complete enough to run Mac apps with. The only similar projects of any weight that I can find are Cocotron and GNUstep, both of which seem to implement only portions of the Cocoa API, and even then only for cross-platform development. I would be shocked if you could run any substantial Mac program on Linux with one of these projects."
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"I have never come across a thing, but a quick google on it yielded interesting things, here's one such results here. Other than that, it would be interesting to see how such an emulation for a pre-Mac Intel era i.e. PowerPC can be achieved, let alone binaries for powerpc running on a x86 processor. However, since MacOSX is a derivative of BSD, why not get the sources for the macosx program that you wish to run and recompile it targeting your system?

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