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Mac and Windows alternative to KeePass? [closed]

Mac and Windows alternative to KeePass? [closed]

Hey I want to sync passwords between a Mac and a PC with the database being stored on an FTP site. However, KeePassX can't open KeyPass 2.x databases, and neither KeePass 1.x or KeePassX seems to allow opening over FTP anyway. Does anyone currently use an alternative to KeePass that has Mac and Windows versions that allows the database to be stored on a remote server and accessed by SFTP?

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Guest [Entry]

"KeePass pro version is .net and supports mono so runs fine on Windows, Mac and Linux, and supports opening files over ftp.

Alternatively you can use KeePass1/KeePassX with a Dropbox account, that way you don't have to open the file over FTP, you just allow Dropbox to sync the local copy of the file every time you make a change. (Dropbox supports Windows, Mac and Linux)"