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My Book won't power up

My Book won't power up

My MyBook 3T Drive, less than 1 yr old, only used for Time Machine backups, refuses to power up now. Have no idea why; I haven't even backedup that many times so it's got plenty of space.

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Have an old WD5000 2006 NAS drive that won't power up. Removed the drive from the case and connected it inside my rack mount. Under Win 7 device manager, it's reported, yet Win 7 isn't initializing. No SATA expert, look like what was said about a proprietary interface could be positive. When all else fails, tear into the electronics. On the controller board, can follow 5/12 volts across a few caps, then one that is slightly bulging 2 volts. Going to replace the cap, see if the board comes back up, get my data and NEVER buy a WD product again :)
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"It can be connected to a PC via SATA once you remove it from the MY CLOUD case.

However, took me a bit more reading. Those HD are formatted XFS as with Unix or Linux as system.

Connecting it to, and mounting the drive under Linux, the drive would be directly readable.

I went ahead and purchased a recovery package which, under one of three of licenses you can purchase, can read the XFS drive directly. Let it scan the drive, it will populate a directory with found files. From there just copy as normal over to a FAT32 Driver in the PC. There is also a license for Mac as well. It was $20 US a license, from a place in the UK. There is a trial mode to see first if indeed it will work for you. Was a breeze here.

It was mentioned here, so that's the reason I chose it. Raise Data Recovery.

Good Luck!"
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I went onto this site, because we have a WD external hard drive that won’t turn on when plugged in. We purchased it several years ago and transferred a bunch of files onto it for safe keeping. Over the several years, we have used it a handful of times and have stored it for safe keeping. Now, it won’t turn on! I’ve read this thread and will try purchasing a SATA cable (whatever that is!) and transfer the files to a different external hard drive. Thanks for the advice on never buying a WD again! As this was the first time we had done this, we went with the “cheapest” product. As you have stated, “you get what you pay for!”