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My flash does not turn on at all after it fell.

My flash does not turn on at all after it fell.

So I have this nikon Sb600 which dropped on to the floor flash tube/head first. It was carpeted floors. Now i have open it up and i could see nothing was broken; not the flash tube it self. Online they were talking about the battery contacts being recessed after a fall. I hook it back up and still have not fix it. It is already out of warranty and nikon service repair is more likely 75-90% cost of a brand new one. Would like this to be fixed since i'm a broke college student. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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"I bought a broken one of these for $50 with the hope that I could fix it. It had fallen about 3 feet and was totally unresponsive after that. I just finished pulling it apart and I found a couple components on the PCB that have broken solder joints. Unfortunately they're all SMD and are going to be next to impossible for me to fix.

So the moral of this story is carefully inspect all of the PCBs for issues. Also I will be uploading the repair manual to demonoid shortly.

Edit: Here's the guide I made, and the repair manual has 16 seeds on demonoid."
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"Were there any loose parts? Also I doubt if Nikon would fix this if you opened it up, but you can try.

I've been sitting here for like 5 minutes trying to think about what can go wrong, and I only came up with, anything really. Well of course the problem has to be in the circuit because the flash doesn’t even start up.

You’re best bet is buying a third party i-TTL compatible flash, or a used SB-600. You can also try to send it in to Nikon"
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I have my an SB600 who had the same problem. After dismantling it is on the main PCB (with the control screen) a L301 self beside the D301 diode on the right lower side of the PCB which is detachment and prevents the start of the flash.

There is a need to have an iron welding for CMS!

I have the pdf of the service manual


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I have a similiar problem, but the flash did not fall, it just stopped emitting light. Nikon in France will not sell a new light tube but only repaird the unit....far to expensive! Any ideas of where one can buy a replacement tube Or could this be another problem. I opened the unit and measured 300dc across the flash tube!
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my flash model is nikon sb900 , the flash did not function totally.