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Outlook Re-Install - remove the new PST file

Outlook Re-Install - remove the new PST file

"I re-installed Windows Vista and Office/Outlook 2007 in order to get a bigger C Drive.
When I re-installed Outlook, it never seems to ask me if I have an existing PST, and always creates a new one."

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Guest [Entry]

"The easiest fix is probably to just import the mail from your old PST to the new one. If you don't want to do that for some reason (maybe your old PST has tons of mail, etc) then the following steps should work. I don't have a Vista machine with Outlook installed for reference, but here is how it works on Windows XP. I assume it's probably exactly the same, or at least very similar:

Close Outlook
MAKE SURE you have a backup of your PST before doing anything
Go to Start | Control Panel
Double-click the Mail icon
Click the ""Data Files"" button

Click the ""Add"" button, then browse to your OLD PST file and add it so you can add it to the data file list.

Highlight your OLD PST file in the list, then click the ""Set as Default"" button to tell Outlook you want the mail to be delivered there.

Remove the NEW PST file that Outlook created if you wish.

Close all dialogs, then start Outlook again. New mail should now go to your OLD PST."