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Running Windows Home Server on netbook

Running Windows Home Server on netbook

I want to setup a Windows Home Server in my house, however I want to have the hardware that consumes the least amount of energy (having a pc on all day long can get expensive!), and also with most flexibility regarding location.

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Guest [Entry]

"Technically, it should work...

Personally, I wouln't.

For half the benefits of WHS, you want RAIDed hard drives that are connected 24/7, not USB ones.

Again, it would work... but there is little point when you can use something such as Freenas if you just want to backup a few files... WHS is a lot more than that."
Guest [Entry]

"Why not do it? Actually some good hard drives can power down, like the ones I use (Samsung 3G) - these are highly efficient and power down when not needed.

They cost around €89 for 1.5TB, which should be equivalent to roughly $100.

You could also make use of a Nano-ITX or Pico-ITX board: these small platform are even less power hungry. My main PC is an Atom dual core and the netbook a single Atom. These processors are fine for modern day use - for gaming I just use my PS3."