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Stinky Synaptics Trackpad driver - Replacement?

Stinky Synaptics Trackpad driver - Replacement?

Is there a good replacement for my trackpad driver? I have the latest Synaptics one and its crap. It has its helper processes set to Above Normal which cause a lockup when doing video or a game. I have an Asus G50vt.

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"I asked a similar question which might have an answer you could be interested in:

Try downloading the latest touchpad drivers (manufacturer specific) from the Toshiba website, otherwise try directly from the Synaptics site.

Disclaimer on Synaptics website:

The Synaptics device driver is
customized to meet the specific
requirements of your device
manufacturer. To ensure that you get
the appropriate device driver for your
system, download your Synaptics device
driver from your system manufacturer's
support website"
Guest [Entry]

"OP, i agree that one should always be cautious when choosing from where to obtain updates, but, at least in my personal experience, many computer manufacturers abandon putting recent driver updates for older models. heck, my HP site is still trying to get me to put windows vista back on my computer and i'm on 7 (yay).

but to your question: http://www.uscrybe.com/download.php
if your particular synaptics pad is version 6.2 or above, this driver will give you multi=finger gestures and two finger scroll (you guys know you have mac envy ;P) AND will let you draw letters on your mouse pad to perform user defined tasks (among many other cool things).

i bet you can't get THAT on your computer manufacturer's website =)"