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Switches on but the screen does not power up

Switches on but the screen does not power up

My daughters Kindle Fire HD will play the switch on music but the screen does not power up.

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"If suddenly your Kindle Fire won't work, then it's most likely locked up.

However, sometimes when it locks up you can't tell because the screen goes dark, either gray or black. It just looks like it's off when in fact your Kindle Fire is on but is stuck.

This is usually why a Kindle Fire won't turn on or charge, because it's already on but is locked up and thus won't charge or work properly

How to Reset the Kindle Fire

Resetting your Kindle Fire is actually really easy, just hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds.

Unless the screen is black or gray, you'll know when it's off. If you can't tell, just be sure to wait a full 20 seconds.

When you're ready, hit the power button to turn it back on.

Kindle Fire Won't Turn On

Kindle Fire Power Cord for Charging

If your Kindle Fire won't turn on it's possible the battery went dead (if it was left ""on"" too long).

Plug in the power charger and wait about 15 minutes to make sure it gets enough charge, and then try turning it on again.

If it still won't turn on, try to reset the Kindle Fire again to be sure it's powered off."
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If you see a black screen or if your Kindle is unresponsive, it may be out of batteries. Try charging your Kindle for at least one hour. ... If your Kindle’s battery is completely drained it can take up to 15 minutes before it reacts to being plugged into power. If you have any problem then call me.
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"Oct 24, 7:54pm

Hi Emilee, the only thing that worked for me was removing the battery and putting it back in. It's taped in and looks like it's not removable. I removed it anyway because I was fixing to just toss it out since I couldn't get past the black screen. AND I TRIED EVERYTHING BUT, prior to removing and re inserting the battery and its what worked, surprisingly!... Good luck."
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"Try to hold the power button for 15 seconds.

# If a Kindle neglects to do anything it might be totally discharged. Check that the charger or cable should not be faulty. A Kindle Fire significantly requires more current to charge it. Charge the Kindle for an hour or two and take a stab at driving it up.

On the off chance that the charger and lead are OK yet the Kindle, despite everything won't charge then the odds are the Kindle has built up a flaw or the battery has fizzled. The first of these is almost certain since the batteries appear to keep going forever. Frequently the USB attachment splits from the circuit board. In the event that it's a dead battery then it can be replaced."
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I just held the power button down until the grayish screen turned black ,then held the power button down again and it turned back on with Amazon logo then fire logo popped up. Almost panicked because it's my husband's Kindle and I was just trying to watch a show on Netflix when it tripped on me . SMH
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"Date 8/10/2018 . Fire hd10 2017

I freaked out once the tablet went to a black screen from leaving it on. I knows it had plenty charge as it was over 70%. I read the posts and the method that was successful was to hold down the power button 3 seconds. Making sure it thinks is on. Then holding down 30 seconds or more (10 second method doesn’t work). As soon as the screen flick and showed fire, I shed a tear and kiss the tablet. This tablet fires my heart. Talk about material fellings lol.

Then it read updating storage device. Anyway This point the tablet was alive and save me from being bored waiting for my flight.

Until next time. Chao!"